Worship & Workshops


Our worship services, led by Kathy Giesbrecht, Phil Campbell-Enns (and an assortment of others) will take us through four key themes of the Prodigal Son story: discontent, wandering, returning and celebration. Our services will include music & singing with a worship band, as well as stories from a number of guest speakers. Our evening and Friday morning service will feature keynote speaker, Iona Snair who you can read more about on our Fat Calf News page.


This summer there will be a number of engaging and dynamic workshops on issues relevant to where you’re at in your life. If interactive seminars are to your liking, stay tuned because we’re also putting together a couple of music workshops! Count on growing your faith in Jesus.

Whose pie is it?

Pie – what’s not to love?  You wouldn’t think of throwing a Fat Calf Feast without it.  But are we just out there trying to get our own piece of the pie without remembering our neighbour?  Pie potentially included!

Dori Zerbe Cornelsen
Mennonite Foundation of Canada

The Visitor –Indigenous Worldview & Experience using Circle Process

Join Harley and Sue Eagle, MCC Canada’s Indigenous Work Coordinators, and Steve Heinrichs, Mennonite Church Canada’s Indigenous Relations staff in an Indigenous talking circle process, using the documentary film, “The Visitor”, as a tool to examine Indigenous worldview and experience. 

“The Visitor”, Miriam Sainnawap's 5-minute experimental documentary, captures her personal experience of living in Winnipeg as an Aboriginal person. She portrays the unique challenges and counteracts conventional stereotypes, while exploring the experience of longing for community, language and culture, displacement and desire.

Filmmaker, Miriam Sainnawap, an Oji-Cree from Kingfisher Lake, Ontario, moved to Winnipeg to study English literature and philosophy at the University of Winnipeg.  She has spent three summers working for MCC MB’s Aboriginal Neighbours Program and MCC Canada’s Indigenous Work Program.

Harley & Sue Eagle, Steve Heinrichs
Mennonite Central Committee Canada and Mennonite Church Canada

God’s Lost and Found Department

The Bible tells many stories of lost people who get found. Jacob forsakes God and gets lost, but then God grabs him by the scruff of the neck and finds him. Jacob’s story will help us reflect on ways that we get lost, and ways that God pursues and finds us.

Dan Epp-Tiessen
Canadian Mennonite University

Not Your Grandma's Sex Talk

That's right, we're going there. Biology, our own experiences, and how the church looks at and talks about sex influences the way we as Christians think about sexuality.  We are bombarded with sexual messages at every turn, from soft porn in advertising* to leers from our peers. How do you cope with the innuendo about all things sex? From singleness and dating to the powerful urge of our hormones -  we'll uncover it all in a frank conversation.

Kate McIntyre

Caring for Creation: Making your Voice Heard

Are you worried about the way people are treating the natural world? Do you think creation care is an important commitment for Christians? Come explore the biblical basis for creation care and make your voice heard.

Joanne Moyer
Mennonite Creation Care Network/Home Street Mennonite Church

Food, Failure, and Faithful Living: Stories from Indonesia

Food is more than just what we eat. Food tells us stories, teaches us about cultures, and unites or divides us. Join in to hear how God can use something as common as food to teach powerful lessons about faithful living. There may even be some food to try!

Ellery Penner  
Conrad Grebel University College

Our Home on Native Land

How do Mennonites draw on the example of nonviolent force Jesus demonstrated in the Sermon on the Mount to become good allies to Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island (North America)? Explore this with Peter from the Aboriginal Justice Team of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT).

Peter Haresnape
Aboriginal Justice Team, Christian Peacemaker Teams

Head Heart Hands: Turning Knowledge into Action
How do we engage with the issues that pervade our society on a daily basis? Is it possible for one person to make a difference? Two of Siloam Mission’s hippest staff will share about the realities of homelessness and poverty in Winnipeg and ways that YOU can become involved in compassionate care for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Brent and Lisa are coordinators of the Under the Radar program at Siloam, an urban outreach program for youth.
Brent Retzlaff, Lisa Gietz
Siloam Mission
Winning at Follow the Leader
We hear a lot about the importance of being a leader ... so much so that it can often feel like if I'm not leading, I have less to contribute to the kingdom of God.  This seminar is a place to explore the fact that maybe we weren't all made to be in leadership and maybe that's a really good thing!  
Rob Snair
Director of YFC's Lifeteams: School of Urban Youth Outreach 
Engage Your Neighbours Far and Near
Engaging our neighbours means stepping outside our views and seeing how others experience the world. Through short-term assignments with Mennonite Church Canada, participants step out by communicating through cultures and learning about the global church. Come see how intercultural communication feels and learn about local and global opportunities to stretch your worldviews. 
Cheryl Woelk
Mennonite Church Canada Witness


Relationship Lost and Found
Relationships are tricky, whether it is relationships with friends, family, or significant others. As we grow up, there are some relationships that will always be there, like our relationships with our parents and siblings. But there are also some relationships that will be lost, and some new ones that will be found. Our relationships change and shape us, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Let’s have a conversation about how the people in our lives have affected us, and how we can best imitate Jesus with the way we relate to others.

Ashley Funk, Micah Funk
Columbia Bible College


Do you love to play sports? Then this is the place for you! Join me in discussing what it means to be a Christian athlete, how to deal with the outside pressures of sport and how we can use our bodies to worship and glorify God. Come prepared to play and move!

Amy Toews
Grace Mennonite Church